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My name is Artem Zhushman. I’m a traveler and photographer. Nepal is one of my favorite countries in the world. It takes special place in my heart. The horrible earthquake that recently hit the Himalaya region motivated me to offer my best for this beautiful highland country.I’m willing to share with you prints of photographs that I took in Nepal in period of last several years in exchange for your support that this country needs so much these days. All funds, every single cent that I’ll collect with your help will go to provide victims of earthquake with essential materials and medicaments. I plan to help Paropakar orphanage that I visited before earthquake and that I constantly keep in touch with. And I’m going to bring my help and hands to Langtang village that was totally destroyed with avalanche.

How you can help

There are  two options:
1. Order a print and 30% of price that you’ll pay go to cover printing and shipping costs, and the rest will go to support Nepal.

2. Contribute any amount that you believe is appropriate without getting print as a reward (PayPal to or contact me for another convenient way to make donation).

I keep in touch with other independent individuals and groups that are offering their help and that are more than reliable, that’s why all donations will be processed properly and honestly.

The Impact

Nowadays many organizations are working in Nepal to help victims. But the advantage of independent help is that  we don’t go too much into formalities. We cut down on those hassles and invest the time and energy and resources directly in the field. Also it is known that a lot of funds donated through organizations didn’t reach it’s goal.

The time passing after the earthquake happened and the world is forgetting about the disaster, but Nepal needs help now more than ever. People are still on the streets and many are still waiting for the help that haven’t reached yet.

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word about this campaign. Share it on you Facebook page, blog or any other media you can imagine.


Have a look at some photographs that are waiting to be printed (gallery quality giclée prints)  and shipped to you as a reward for support of victims.

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